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Issue 109                                                                          March 2017
Namaste and Happy March!

The photo above was taken at our healing February Belize retreat - which was as much fun as it looks! We've been invited back next February 3-10, 2018. Registration is open here. See more photos here.

Want to deepen your yoga practice?  I'll lead a Chakra and Nadi-Cleansing focused Dharma Yoga workshop on Saturday, March 11 at Meditate Center, 4237 N. Lincoln. This complete practice will also include Yoga Nidra and a lot of poses!  It's $45 before Monday, March 6, $55 after. Learn more and register here.

We have ten spots left in our April 22-23 local retreat; please register soon if you'd like to come. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to get away from daily stressors and deepen and re-ignite your practice in a beautiful, peaceful setting. It's suitable for all levels.   Details and registration  here. Or just scroll down for more.

Sri Dharma Mittra will be lead a rare Chicago workshop April 8-9. Details here.

Sunday Dharma Yoga is a small class that offers personal attention, expert adjustments and direction towards the true goal of yoga. It's 10-11:30  at 3759 N. Ravenswood.  . More info here.

A new session of Monday night ashtanga starts at DePaul on April 3.

Click here for my most up-to-date teaching schedule.

My latest Yoga Chicago column is about the practice of Satya, or truthfulness.

Yoga Chicago did quick Q&A with me in January.

Interested in private or workplace lessons? I'm certified in Therapeutic Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Horrnone Yoga Therapy for Menopause, Yoga Nidra, Psychic Development, Gentle/Restorative Yoga, pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and Senior's Yoga and also teach advanced asana. I can share special, therapeutic hatha yoga sequences to alleviate everything from asthma to back and neck pain to weak ankles to Menopause.  I also specialize in yoga for back pain, and yoga for anxiety and depression. These sequences really work. I can also help you develop a personalized asana, pranayama (breathing)and/or meditation practice - including Chair Yoga and Bedside Yoga and Relaxation for those who are unable to stand. Please respond to this e-mail or call 773.315.5489 if interested.  
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Scroll down for the Tip of the Month.

Top photo:  Belize Retreat 2017

Spring Renewal Retreat April 22-23
April 22-23 Spring Renewal Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Port for Prayer in Frankfort, IL 
50 acres of woods, 45 minutes SW of Chicago

Private, Single Room (shared bath): $235 | Commuters $185 
Sign up here.   Click here for more photos
Immerse yourself in yoga and heal  body, mind and spirit at the peaceful Portiuncula Center for Prayer. Enjoy gourmet vegetarian meals and walk a sacred labyrinth (pictured below) in the magical, meditative setting of St. Francis Woods.

Our practice will include asana, chanting, philosophy, pranayama and concentration exercises as well as Dharma Mittra's special Yoga Nidra and Psychic Development sequences, which help develop willpower and put power behind your thoughts. We will also do plenty of postures!  

This retreat is suitable for all levels and starts Saturday at 9:00AM and ends Sunday at 1:00PM.  

Click here to learn more and to register.



6th Belize Yoga Vacation February 3-10, 2018

February 3-10 at Ak'bol in Ambergris Caye
Click here and here for photos.
Sign up early to reserve a cabana (they tend to sell out)
$1250 and up.  A deposit of $500 guarantees your spot. 
Learn more and register here.  
Imagine practicing yoga twice a day surrounded on all sides by the Caribbean Sea.  The beautiful, incredibly healing Ak'bol Eco-Resort and Yoga Retreat is on the tropical island of Ambergris Caye, about 20 minutes by boat from the world's second-largest barrier reef.
Our comfortable accommodations include eco-chic locally-crafted cabanas just steps from the sea, and affordable, Maya-inspired Village Rooms next to a beautiful lagoon. Our meals will be fresh, locally-sourced ayurvedic (healing and flavorful) vegetarian cuisine that satisfies all six tastes and received rave reviews on previous trips - even from meat eaters. Our primary practice will be Dharma Yoga, which adapts well to all levels.

Between classes, you may arrange a snorkeling trip, a massage, a sailboat ride, diving trips, excursions to Mayan ruins, a bike or boat trip to town, and more. Or you may simply stay on Ak'bol's peaceful, healing grounds - which include a pool, three yoga studios, and a large beachfront.
The peaceful cultural melting pot of Belize (the former British Honduras) is located in Central America. English is commonly spoken, and the dollar is widely accepted. 

Rates start at 1250, and United Airlines now flies nonstop to Belize; Southwest also has affordable flights.  Learn more and register here.

Make an Offering: The Practice of Karma Yoga

“If you practice any aspect of yoga for selfish reasons, it’s not really yoga at all, according to The Bhagavad Gita,” Sri Dharma Mittra recently told Yoga Journal magazine. “Anytime we are able to make our practice an offering, our practice becomes really powerful. Experiencing this leads to lots of enthusiasm to pursue and keep at it. The secret of success in yoga practice is constant practice. Success in practice will lead to inner peace, which will have a great effect on everything, eventually leading to peace for all, everywhere.”

-Sri Dharma Mittra

Selflessly offering our actions is the path of Karma Yoga, as outlined in the Bhagavad-Gita, which says "To work you are entitled but never to its fruit."  This means that we should perform our duties, but not be attached to the outcome (since it is, literally, out of our hands).

In class we can do this by offering our asana practice to something unselfish, such as dedicating it to someone who is suffering or to an ideal or the highest practice of all - dedicating it to God or the Supreme Self, or the spark of the divine that resides in every living being.

Karma Yoga is one of the four main paths of yoga and the easiest to follow for householders and those who are active in the world. It is the yoga of selfless action, and is the quickest way to dissolve the ego - which is what separates us from the pure bliss and peace that is our true nature.

I recently explained this concept to a group of yoga teacher trainees, and one of them jumped in with a personal example. A criminal defense attorney, he said that he practices a type of karma yoga every day; he makes his case before the judge or jury and then has to let go of the outcome.

"The difference between regular action where there is always expectation and Karma Yoga is truly the mental attitude," says Sri Dharma Mittra.
On a very basic level, Karma Yoga means serving others anonymously in small ways, whenever possible. One could also volunteer or give money to those who need it (if you are ever feeling either entitled or sorry for yourself, helping someone who has it worse than you is one of the quickest ways to transform the feeling into gratitude).

Karma Yoga does not mean making grand gestures and boasting about them on your bio or doing it for a tax deduction or to secure a wing of a hospital in your family's name; those would be strings. It is done simply for the sake of service. My spiritual mother often tells a story about waiting for a flight at the airport with Sri Dharma,  when someone near them became ill and began to vomit. Sri Dharma was the first one there, offering to help. That is karma yoga.

It can also mean helping a spiritual teacher or organization.

As Sri Dharma Mittra once explained,  "When I first began doing Karma Yoga, I had already heard that it had to be offered as completely selfless action. In the beginning, even though it looks from the outside as though we renounce any physical benefits or rewards inherent in the actions we are supposedly offering to others, deep down inside we are always interested in spiritual rewards and there is always a 'little string' attached. As we grow and evolve spiritually, spend time near the Guru, gain more knowledge and are engaged in constant practice, we come to realize there should be no string at all. We expect nothing and hope to receive no spiritual benefits. With a little bit of Self-Knowledge and as we get a little bit closer to Self-realization, the ego disappears and automatically the Karma Yoga becomes perfect and is performed without any expectation. We do everything because it has to be done for the sake of the Self, not expecting anything."


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-April 8-9 Sri Dharma Mittra in Chicago
-April 22-23 Kali Om  retreat in Frankfort, IL

-April 28-30 Kali Om weekend at Temple Yoga in Reno
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Om Nama Shivaya!

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