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Dear all,

We had the pleasure of welcoming the entire COPE partnership in Oxford for our 4th COPE Annual Meeting held on 12 and 13 April 2016. Many thanks for joining us and contributing to our discussions. Personally, I thought it was a very productive and constructive meeting highlighting our achievements in the last year, but also spelling out our next steps and intellectual challenges.

Furthermore, our new POMP partner site Cardiff recruited its first two trial kidneys in early May: congratulations to the Cardiff team for these speedy inclusions! For the COMPARE trial, we are seeing a very steady recruitment rate and there is some news to share on our trial logistics. Scroll down and enjoy the read! 

With best wishes,

WP2 - Normothermic machine perfusion trial

  • Our liver study finished trial recruitment on 9 March 2016 and focused on the 30-day patient follow-up data after that. 
  • A data lock took place on 12th April 2016
  • We are very pleased to say, that overall data completion is over 95% and data analysis is currently on-going

WP3 - POMP Trial: oxygenated HMP re-conditioning of ECD kidneys

  • As of 25 May 2016, 98 kidneys have been randomized in the trial of which 84 kidneys are transplanted and active. This constitutes ~33% of trial target. 
  • Congratulations to our partners in Cardiff for their first POMP inclusion on 5 May 2016! The kidney was randomised to static cold storage and was transplanted the same day. This is a particular success as the new site Cardiff only saw its site initiation two weeks before their first inclusion. 
  • Furthermore, the POMP team is preparing for a swift start of the trial in our new German site Berlin. for this, the Kidney Assist machines will be delivered soon and all required documentation is being gathered. 

WP4 - COMPARE Trial: oxygenated HMP of DCD kidneys

  • As of 25 May 2016, COPE COMPARE randomised 97 kidney pairs of which 58 pairs are still active in the trial. This constitutes ~60% of our trial target. We are very pleased with the steady pace we are observing over recent months and estimate to finish inclusion by the end of the year.
  • The UK has stopped trial inclusion in WP4. This decision was taken by the COPE Management Board end of March 2016 and was based on the steady recruitment pace on the Continent as well as the need to re-use the existing WP4 machines in the UK for our additional WP3 sites. We would like to thank all COMPARE centres for their much appreciated support and hope to be in touch again for future research collaborations.
  • COMPARE data entry is happening as we speak with (S)AEs and follow-up data being entered into the database. The next step will be to enter sample related data from the worksheets. This process will be supported by the UK Transplant Technicians throughout the month of June. 
COMPARE team members 
Full team of Continental Transplant Technicians

WP5 & WP6 - Experimental work programmes

  • WP5 has now moved to our COPE partner Essen - it was previously held by our partners in Bonn. As Professor Thomas Minor now moved to his new host institution, WP5 will also change location. We wish Professor Minor a good continuation of his WP5 work in Essen!
  • The WP5 and WP6 teams presented their  most recent findings at the COPE Annual Meeting outlining their plans for future experimental work in COPE
  • Once the COPE Management Board approved these proposals, further experimental work can take place in Poitiers, Groningen and Essen. 

WP7 - Biobank

  • The COPE biobank received sample shipments from our continental partners in Belgium and The Netherlands as well as a DHL sample shipment from Barcelona. All went smooth and the samples have been received safe and sound in Oxford. 
  • Our partner Essen has moved its samples to the hub in Groningen and the next transport from the Continent is being organised as we speak. 
  • WP7 presented sample collection rates for the liver study where sample collection is now completed. Except for a few sample types, collection performance was consistently over 80%, which is a promising signal for the many research proposals planned. 
  • With WP2 sample collection completed, the formalin samples are reaching the final stages of being processed into formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) blocks.
  • WP7 furthermore started investigating which WP2 samples will be required to fulfill the core research proposals. Once these samples have been identified based on sample type, storage or processing technique, donor or recipient demographics and / or clinical data points, WP7 will ensure to flag them in the specific biobank database to ensure their availability for research. 
  • Next week, WP7 will transfer the sample data for the COMPARE trial to the COMPARE database. So far, sample information was kept on the worksheets with the sample collection boxes. However, the UK Transplant Technicians will support the data entry to retrospectively fill the database. 
  • And further work will go into the WP7 biobank database and we are developing SOPs aimed at sample preparation for project sample requests. These will be established over the summer months. 

WP8 - Trial design and methodology

  • The next COPE Data Monitoring Committee meeting will take place on 4 July 2016.
  • Furthermore, our Health Economist has started work on the liver trial as recruitment is now complete. For the Health Economy Analysis, it is very important for all WP2 patients to receive the Quality of Life questionnaires during their follow-up appointments as well as the Ressource Use log. 

WP9 - Communication and dissemination

  • COPE has a new newsletter lay-out allowing for an easier integration of pictures and graphs. Let us know what you think and we can adapt the template for the next edition. 
  • We were present at the Biomedical Research Centre Open Day in Oxford on 21 April 2016 with a project booth and a poster. It was a fantastic day showcasing research projects in Oxford and we had many interesting conversations at the booth. You can find some impressions below!

WP10 - Management

  • The 2nd COPE amendment is underway and the project office is currently gathering the required documentation before submitting the amendment. The amendment will cover the project extension by 12 months, the move from WP5 to our partner in Essen as well as minor administrative changes. 
  • Many thanks for joining our COPE Annual Meeting on 12 and 13 April 2016 in Oxford. It was a very productive meeting looking back on the last year's achievements, but also outlining the steps ahead in our joint project. If you would like to receive the meeting minutes or slides, please get in touch with the project office. You can find some impressions of our meeting below.  
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