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the marathon is about to begin!!!  but first, a tiny commercial break...
If you haven't been keeping up with me on facebook or at Hollywood Park or Los Alamitos, here's the deal.  I don't have enough space to pack much clothing... and i dont like to waste brain space wondering what i should wear so if you'd like to bring something clean for me, you will be my hero!!!   if I don't look good, YOU don't look good...  hehehe... if you bring me underwear... you will probably creep me out but if it's new and in the package, i'll still be very thankful.  i'm about american size 6. 
NYC   Brooklyn D.C.  Boston Toronto 

9/1w/ SUGARLIFE @ Sid Gold's Request Room, 8pm $10
Entertaining, absurd, hilarious, scary.  I'm honored to get to play with them again!  Chistrian on vox, Danny on perc/drums, & Stuart on piano.  Musically, psychic geniuses.

9/2 - solo theremin orchestra @ the Silent Barn 11pm $15 (for the evening...)
Experi-Mental Fest 7 is ON! and this evening, the Tarot Society will be giving readings... start time is 7:30pm.  I'll play you what my Tarot reading is.

9/7 - w/ Yuri Lemeshev @ Sid Gold's Request Room, 8pm  $10
Yury is always on fire and he ignites some of the most ridiculous and beautiful and funny moments whenever we get together to play... so...hope you'll join us again or for the first and hopefully not last time... he is a living songbook of inspiration!  

9/9 - solo theremin orchestra @ SONIC CIRCUITS Fest (D.C.) $20
oh man! Spires That in the Sunset Rise are also playing this evening - i haven't seen them for YEARS!  Surely it's gonna be an inspiring evening and it'll be fun to just see what my subconscious comes up with!

9/11 - solo theremin orchestra @ Pioneerworks 6:30pm $10 (sugg. donation)
I'm gonna make use of the cathedral-like acoustics - and my prediction is something in the direction of shifting between the microtones of enormous bells... choral moments... imagine when you see someone exhaling smoke from a cigarette and how the clouds move... someway somehow, i'm gonna make use of the sound of the room/setting.

9/15 - w/ Simone Dinnerstein @ Sid Gold's Request Room 8pm  $10
I'm SOOO looking forward to playing with Simone again!  Her artistry is like ASMR for me (i LOVE to play in that state!) and on this evening i'll have my pedals ready for some experimenting here n there.  What are we playing?  Bring yer ears! 

9/16 - w/ Mike Brown, 7:30pm @ Bromley Mansion  8pm (sugg. donation $10)
Come on out and join us for some solo performances as well as some miscellaneous configurations of folks playing spontaneous music in an intimate setting... I believe Shazad Ismaily & David Cieri are also gonna be jumping in!   fun fun fun!
9/22 - w/ David Cieri, Mike Brown & Shahzad Ismaily @ Sid Gold's 8pm  $10
I'll be joined by three amazing freaks for a full-on improvisation...and these peeeps have great reflexes and interesting ideas!  David on piano, Mike on bass, and Shahzad can play any instrument he feels like in the moment!

9/23Berklee College of Music - afternoon workshop

9/25 THEREMIN WORKSHOP 12-4pm at The Owl   CLICK HERE for more details.  As of today, only 2 hands-on spots left... it'll be a nice, intimate group!

9/25 w/ Susie Ibarra @ The Owl Music Parlor  8pm (Brooklyn) (sugg. donation $10)
it’s been well over 10 years since we last played together, and i’m so thrilled to get to listen and play with such an innovative supersensitive expressive and inspiring artist/human. Hope you’ll join us for this special evening and.. think nothing hear everything! - Wait… um.. whut?! Yes! Good idea! hey! Shut up, brain! Oh… ooops! Aw, you just missed it!  (sorry, i'm such a nutjob) i'm really lookin forward to hearing what we make together after so many years... and if you aren't yet familiar with Susie... oh wow, you're in for a real treat!

9/29 - w/ Marie-Theres Rauba @ Sid Gold's 8pm  $10
Thessi & I play together in Vienna, where we live... Come give a warm welcome to my friend as it's her first time in New York! We wanna celebrate making music together and friendship!  And you can get a feel of how it woul be like to hang with us in a Viennese Cafe with a nice piano and theremin ready to play... and i have a feeling there will be moments of Waltzing going on!  oooooeeee!!! 

9/30 - w/ Leon Gruenbaum & Gerry Gibbs @ Barbes 8pm  (sugg. $10)
LAST NIGHT IN TOWN!!!!!!  (Park Slope)
best way to describe what will happen - time/harmony kaleidoscope... spiraling loop bleeding over the seams of another loop ... overlaps of colorful relative harmonies to basslines, grooves and tangents..we will be rotating the duty of two-thirds of us keeping time... and it's happening live!  after a long month of playing my balls off all over town with all sorts of different and amazing players getting all sorts of yayas out and new inspirations from all of them... i am gonna be super warmed up to then TAKE OFF into the kaleidoscoposphere where it all (from the past month to way back to when i played jazz) subliminally comes out - with these two badasses!!! 
Leon Gruenbaum on Samchillian/keys
Gerry Gibbs on drums
me on - NO, not acid! -  theremin! 

10/3 - w/ Marie-Theres Rauba @ Gallery 345 8pm (Toronto)
we will perform live music to one of the first ever full-length feature animation films, the Adventures of Prince Achmed, by Lotte Reiniger, 1926.  And I'll be giving a little workshop beforehand at 5pm.
(click on "Gallery 345" for more details!)

An extra date still may happen on September 8th with Barbez & also on September 23rd, in Boston after Berklee... you can visit my site for updates:
Many thanks to the Austrian Culture Forums of NYC, DC, Toronto & to the Austrian Federal Chancellery dept. of Arts & Culture for their help in getting me across the pond!
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