This week in our DJR Slack: Weekly-Challenge on anti-predictions & some new features.
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Hi everyone,

I hope you had some wonderful and calm Christmas days with lots of love and food and presents! Regardless of whether you now need a little pause from all this food and family thing or a distraction at work, because you're the only one who is working this week (hey, at least no-one else is disturbing you) - that's what our Rocks Report is for.

The Rockstars and I have put together a short but fantastic newsletter just for you. Oh, and we have someone new in the Rockstar family: @mario takes over #audience-development from @madalina.ciobanu. Thanks so much Madalina for all your effort - and rock on, Mario!

If you need even more distraction, I'd love to read your thoughts on this weeks #weekly-challenge. We are searching for the anti-predictions: "Which journalistic “next big thing” predictions are doomed to fail in 2017?" I know you have a thought on that right this moment. Write it down!

Rock on & read you in Slack!



"Facebook is now actively doing something against it. Don't know what exactly that means. But I like it."

– Martin Hoffmann on polls in livestreams –


What do you think about Instagram Stories?
  • Although it is kind of a Facebook matter, we discussed - again - Instagram stories. We are still missing pro arguments, so feel free to join the discussion.
  • And LinkedIn introduced a new feature: a video format Quora-style Q&A from Influencers.

Channel Rockstar: @marcbiskup. Check out the channel for more or contact Marc for questions.


Hey editors, which metrics convince you most?

Lots of starting points for discussions float around in #audience-development:

Channel Rockstar: @mario Check out the channel for more or contact Mario for questions.


Live audio - great new step or just a minor thing?

Channel Rockstar: @davidtvrdon. Check out the channel for more or contact David for questions.


We're searching for the best recording app

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Check out the channel for more or contact Henrik for questions.


Youtube joins the GIF-Party
  • You can now create GIFs directly from Youtube! Has anyone tried it out yet? We’re all dying to see your best Youtube native GIF creations!

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Check out the channel for more or contact Henrik for questions.


In what case do we need 360° live video?
  • In VR-AR channel, we had quite a few discussions, e. g. whether VR or AR will be more interesting for Journalism in the future. @sandrostark think it’ll be Mixed Reality as it enriches our already existing 3D world.
  • And then Facebook launched its first live 360° video with National Geographic. We had a vivid discussion on which topics might suit live videos in 360° (probably sports) and how to work with several cameras (@martinhoffmann suggested Mevo, the directing bot that already exists for normal cameras).
  • @henrikstahl told us that Wordpress now enables 360° videos on the websites. And, something he’s really waiting for, it seems like Nintendo develops a VR headset. So in the near future, we might run ourselves through Super Mario World and fight Bowser.

Channel Rockstar: @flight_1. Check out the channel for more or contact Susanne for questions.

 GIF of the week 

Well, 2016...

Carefully selected by Lina.

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