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Hi everyone!


I think a lot of you had a crazy week, covering the events in Nice and Turkey or still #Brexit or the U.S. election.

Sometimes we all could need a little break from all the crazy things happening in the world, don't we? So if you're in need of some distraction: this newsletter contains a funny bot and couldn't resist mentioning Pokémon as well.

Rock on, catch 'em all & read you in Slack!



Does Facebook turn into Snapchat? 

Channel Rockstar: @davidtvrdon. Check out the channel for more or contact David for questions.


Click here to see men trying out lipstick colours 💋 - in the name of (bot-)science
  • Facebook announced that it is testing “secret conversations” in Messenger including end-to-end encryption and the possibility to set a self-destruction timer on Messages – which might come in very handy not only for your nudes but also for transferring banking credentials.
  • Tilman discovered a website that might be helpful for sketching a bot without coding it.
  • And Johannes asked of some examples of newsroomw using more structured approaches to their bots – like the one from DJ Hardwell.

And of course there were some new bots:

Channel Rockstar: @martinhoffmann. Check out the channel for more or contact Martin for questions.


Celebrities join Snapchat

What we read:

Channel Rockstar: @textautomat. Check out the channel for more or contact Anna for questions.


Security & a Pokémon blocker

At #tooltime we had a few more tips and questions regarding new & old tools this week. Here are three

  • Kolja Langnese asked for experiences with the tool. So far we’ve had one good response, but there are more users out there? Come help Kolja with your knowledge if you can.

  • Rory Byrne introduced us to a new android security app, his startup has built. More details about the app can be found in the description here and an interview with Rory here.

To round it up, here’s a pick of tools that were suggested this week

Channel Rockstar: @tilman. Check out the channel for more or contact Tilman for questions.


Don't mess with Tex... eh, Twitter
  • Twitter keeps shutting down services, which archive tweets, like Post Ghost

  • Also there are of course two updates to the service, mainly bigger Gifs (up to 15mb) and new emojis!

Channel Rockstar: @simon. Who wasn't available, so @johannesklingebiel took over. Check out the channel for more or contact Simon for questions.


Is Pokémon pushing development in AR?
  • No one can hide from the Hype around Pokemon Go. Philipp Steuer already gave a hint to companies to make use of it. If you’d like to add your opinion on wether Pokemon Go is the end of the world or the beginning of a new one: Tell us in VR-AR channel.

Channel Rockstar: @flight_1. Check out the channel for more or contact Susanne for questions.

 GIF of the week 

carefully selected by @textautomat. 

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