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Hi everyone,

wow, that was fantastic! 🤠 🙌 We had our very first meetup yesterday at SXSW in Austin, Texas! I was so excited to finally meet some of you. We had a terrific lunch, awesome DJR cupcakes and the most fabulous DJR people in the German Haus!

Thanks to everyone who joined us and thanks to our partners Invest in Bavaria, NewsWhip, Edenspiekermann, Google Digital News and the Global Editors Network for making this possible! 🙏

In this newsletter I put some photos shot by the wonderful Dan Taylor (and me... the crappy ones are from me) for all of you who were (or weren't) there.

Oh, and: I will be in Perugia for the International Journalism Festival around April 6th. Who of you would like to meet there? Head over to #headquarter and tell me, so I can work something out!

Now rock on, have fun with this newsletter and read you in Slack (well, at least once I've recovered from my SXSW party hangover...)! 🙌




New Report on What's Working for Publishers on Social Platforms
  • You have all heard about Newswhip, right? In the Digital Journalism Rocks community there is also Newswhip’s very own Liam Corcoran who shares some insights. He told us that Newswhip published their Three years of Social Data report with findings on what's working for publishers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more today. If you are working with any of these platforms, feel free to read the fantastic report for free.

Channel Rockstar: @marcbiskupAny questions? Shoot Marc a message!


Legal Walls in Journalism and why they are not going to work
  • We’re continuing our discussion about commenting online this week based on the idea to answer a quiz before being allowed to comment. Interested? Read about it here and comment on it here.

  • @maxieq shared some thoughts on legal walls in journalism and why they are (not) going to work the way some publishers want them to work. Read and discuss!

Channel Rockstar: @marioAny questions? Shoot Mario a message!


Which One is the Best Podcasting App?
  • I am quite sure that many of you have already subscribed to DJR’s based Check you facts podcast. If not, then do so right away. Since last time Henrik and Dávid published two great new episodes. One about mobile innovation and mobile apps featuring The Guardian’s Sasha Koren. Last week’s episode is about newsletters, guest is DJR’s #newsletter rockstar @nikkyhofland. Make sure to check them out - and check your facts ;)

  • There was a poll about the question, what podcast apps are used by the DJR members. It turns out that there is no killer app, but iTunes (iOS) and Pocket Casts (Android) were the top mentioned answers.

  • And what about that? Anchor got a huge update. It is like Snapchat but for audio. The iOS app has even more features than the Android app (yet). If you like snackable audio podcast-like bits, make sure to check out Anchor 2.0.

  • Guess what: Google Play Music started its very first original podcast. So maybe some of the Android podcast freaks out there start using Google Play Music as their regular podcast app.
Channel Rockstar: @kollege. This week: @marcbiskup. Any questions? Shoot Marc a message!


Medium now got Stories. Not the Old Type of Stories. But Those Snapchatty Instagramming Stories

Channel Rockstar: @johannesklingebiel. Any questions? Shoot Johannes a message!


Facebook Goes into Machine Learning

Channel Rockstar: @davidtvrdon. Any questions? Shoot David a message!


Here is a Conversational Story Format That Works Without a Chatbot App
  • The one link you have to check this week is the conversational article by Typeform which was first brought up by @johannesklingebiel. It basically is a classic text with some conversational elements that try to enrich the story. A really cool form of storytelling! Also there have been good news for the messaging world lately: After WhatsApp announced plans to launch WhatsApp for Business in India soon, Facebook itself finally introduced the possibility to completely deactivate the freeform text input field on any bot with the latest update on its Messenger platform.
In other news:

Channel Rockstar: @martinhoffmann. Any questions? Shoot Martin a message!


Have a Look at this Journalistic Spectacle Story from one of our Members!
  • @yusufomar did an engaging video from the Stockholm suburb Rinkeby, Sweden, which he shared in the #snapchat channel since he used the Snap Spectacles during the recording. It’s really impressive, and it's just one example of Yusuf doing some great mobile reporting. Have you seen the video? If not – you should. It’s inspiring!

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Any questions? Shoot Henrik a message!


We now have a Newsletter Channel! 🙌 💌
  • As this was the first week of the #newsletter channel we shared our favorite newsletters. We also discussed why newsletters are so often used by journalists currently. @johannesklingebiel is a big fan as he can send his content directly to his readers, without having to deal with third parties. I shared a report that showed that the spotlight is indeed shifting. Journalists engage heavily with readers directly, who in turn are more likely to follow the journalist rather than the publications. @martinhoffmann stated that without the mobile revolution there wouldn’t be a newsletter comeback.
  • Also make sure to check the Check Your Facts podcast from @davidtvrdon and @henrik.stahl where they introduced the #newsletter channel and had a great time geeking out about the wonderful topic of newsletters.
Channel Rockstar: @nikkyhoflandAny questions? Shoot Nikky a message!


Should Snap buy Twitter with all this Money they got from the IPO?
  • A lot of discussions happening in the Snapchat channel. After Snap’s IPO, many are left wondering what this will mean for Snapchat. Some analysts suggest Snap will be finished by the end of the year, others fear Snapchat might lose its authenticity. or that the company should buy Twitter with all the money they’ve collected.
  • On the other end, Spectacles are finally reaching audiences outside of the US, even though they are still only available in the US. Selfiejournalist @yusufomar has been using them for a story in the Stockholm suburb Rinkeby, Sweden.
Channel Rockstar: @dorien_luyckx  Any questions? Shoot Dorien a message!


Meet the Newspaper that did too well to be shut down
Channel Rockstar: @jankoenigAny questions? Shoot Jan a message!


Info Cards. Your Thoughts on them?

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Any questions? Shoot Henrik a message!


How Do You Get Through Your Reading List?

Our main discussion since the last update is best described in Lina’s words: ”What do you guys do when you encounter articles you really_want to read but don't have the time to do so now”? - kicked off by the announcement that Pocket was becoming an integral part of the Mozilla Foundation. Among the many suggestions were:  

Channel Rockstar: @tilman. Any questions? Shoot Tilman a message!


We Need Better Rewards for Online Courses
  • If you’ve ever wondered how to make @marcbiskup and @tilman attend an online course on immersive storytelling, we have the answer for ya! One of them wants a LinkedIn Pro account for free, and the other demands a free SecondLife Pro account. Want to know who wants what? Go to #video and find out! ;)

Channel Rockstar: @henrik.stahl. Any questions? Shoot Henrik a message!


Is Apple Working on AR Features?
Channel Rockstar: @johannesklingebiel. Any questions? Shoot Johannes a message!

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