Announcing Winners of the ebook Jump, Fall, Fly. Let's talk a little about Unconferencing.  Make sure you get your registration in before spaces are filled.
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Learning Reimagined Family Conference 11/12 February 2017
Registration is essential as spaces are filling up. 


THANK YOU – to all of you that have already registered so far! We are honoured and humbled at the support for the conference and the enthusiasm of folks wanting to reimagine learning, build learning communities and connecting. 

If you've just joined the mailing list and you're not sure what's on offer you can read about the conference on the website.  There are also links to all the previous newsletters on the website. 

There's a lovely mix of participants that have registered so far: There are people that describe their educational styles as unschoolers, homeschoolers, eclectic homeschoolers, alternative schoolers, traditional schoolers and worldschoolers. So basically we're getting the full variety.  Will make for some rich discussions!

Talking about alternatives, you may be aware that we've scheduled the documentary Schooling The World by Carol Black for Saturday evening.  We want to share a really great presentation from Carol on Alternatives To Schooling with you all in the meantime.  This is incredibly inspiring and informative, and it redoubles our belief that we can create new possibilities NOW, in our lifetime! Keep a note of all your ideas, your wish lists, what you only dream of and what you think is immediately doable. We're going to pool it all together over the weekend – and see what amazing things we can come up with. The analogy of Stone Soup is very apt to describe learning communities. Let's make some Stone Soup next Feb…

A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth.  ~ Albert Einstein

Unconferencing: Conversations, Co-Creation and Connection

Mia shared this Albert Einstein quote on her Transformational Parenting Facebook page.

“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth”

I couldn't resist sharing it here as it fits in so well with the idea of unconferencing. There are no authorities at Learning Reimagined.  There are presenters who are also seekers.   They're presenting to share their experiences in order to facilitate reimagining learning. 

So the unconferencing is about all of us and the passions, experiences and questions we bring to the weekend. It is about conversations and there are many conversations to be had. These sessions are where we can really facilitate deep connections, pool our expertise, share our experiences, support one another and innovate as a group.  The unconference is co-created by all of us. Anyone can offer to convene discussions on topics they're passionate about,  request discussions they're wanting to learn more about or raise big/little question that is on their minds.  Group discussions can be as small as 2 people to as large as 15 people.  

The wonderful thing is that unconferencing requires no formal preparations. We'll all be speaking from the heart about what is alive for us at time. Although we'd like to encourage you to think about the burning issues you want to possibly share or request. This is also where the birds of a feather can flock together, to find each other (teachers, parents whose kids have special needs, alternative school creators etc.) either for simple solidarity or to brainstorm how you apply some of the principles of the discussions to unique situations.

Picture people sitting around in circles, under the trees, on the patio or in the hall, circles of people forming, unforming and reforming,  children running in and out of the circles,  children convening sessions... Birds chirping... Beautiful setting...Ice cold water... Shared wisdoms, Meaningful Discussions, Deep Connections.. Magic

Winners of JUMP, FALL, FLY Ebook

A huge thank you to the Lehla Eldridge and Anthony Eldridge-Rogers, Authors of JUMP, FALL, FLY for offering to gift two free ebooks to 2 lucky early bird registered participants.

Congratulations to our winners
Seth Pearce
Riven Von Scha

Lehla and Anthony have also very generously provided a discount code to purchase the ebook. The code is sent out with your payment receipt once you've registered and paid for the conference.. For those of you that paid for your registration before this offer became available – you will be getting a separate email with the code.

Project World School Comes To South Africa

Project World School is passionate about empowering home educated teens to create community, learn from cultural diversity and step into their independence through travel. We're so excited that next February, immediately after the Learning Reimagined Family Conference, and in another first for SA,  Project World School will begin the South Africa Tour.  A group of young people will be embarking on an exciting journey covering two beautiful regions of South Africa, the breathtaking Eastern Cape and the world renowned Kruger National Park while at the same time discovering themselves and their independence.  Check it out and get your applications in.

We're into the third trimester now

It feels like it was just yesterday when the opening lines of one of the newsletters was “Whilst writing this piece for our newsletter we realise that the Learning Reimagined Conference is only nine months away.”  Now it's 3 months away and it really does feel like a countdown. 

If you know you want to be in Joburg with the rest of reimaginers come the 11 and 12 February 2017, best get your registration and payment in now to secure your space.  

As always, we would love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions, You can connect with us via email on or via the
Learning Reimagined Conference Facebook Group.
Looking forward to meeting you all. 


Zakiyya and Claire

P.S. Get your registration in soon 
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