DJ Khaled, the new Oprah?
Feb 21, 2017

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Harry Potter. Anna and Elsa. In both stories, our main protagonists faced opposing, often sinister, forces. To win, they had to experience growth, sacrifice and love. Looking at our own lives, where does our story lead us? What are our opposing forces? Who is our enemy? 

DJ Khaled, producer, personality — we the best! — and one-man internet meme/sensation calls his enemy “they.” But who is they

“They don’t want you motivated. They don’t want you inspired. They don’t want you to win.” – DJ Khaled

Behavior design professor and entrepreneur Nir Eval points out that DJ Khaled is leveraging a powerful psychological hack: scapegoating. 
The practice of imagining a villain that’s conspiring against us, scapegoating can be an effective way to motivate ourselves and change our behaviors. Of course, as history has shown, terrible things can happen when people act on baseless conspiracy theories. But sometimes the antidote is in the venom.

Now, DJ Khaled certainly isn’t the first one to practice scapegoating, but he might be the first celebrity who’s message resonates with our generation. The power in “they” lies in its ambiguity — it doesn’t assign blame to anything specific, but rather something nebulous. For example, if “they” was a targeted specific group of peoples, that would just be malevolent. But since “they” is purposefully vague, we get to define how we approach overcoming the enemy without an underlying construct of who they are.
As long as we target the behavior at the root of the problem, creating an imaginary enemy — projecting our struggle onto the scapegoat — can make us feel more powerful and help us resist temptation or achieve our goals.

So who is your…they?

And if you’re following along this far, you’ve probably also realized that our enemy is FOMO. FOMO doesn’t want you be happy. FOMO doesn’t want you feel content. FOMO doesn’t want you to win.

FOMO also doesn’t want you to share this post with three friends including your coworker ;)

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