The International Year of Global Understanding Newsletter #5/2016

Dear colleagues,

As this year comes to an end, we here at the IYGU would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who participated in the IYGU 2016, and made it the success that it is! Together we have achieved something wonderful!

Please take a few minutes to reed over our final update for the year.

See you in 2017!

Best wishes,
Benno Werlen, IYGU Executive Director
RAC Activities
German RAC in Lüneburg 

Already on Nov 22 we published a short piece on the IYGU website written by the RAC in Lüneburg summarising a few highlights of their work.
Japanese Lectures

On the 3rd December, in Tokyo, the Science Council of Japan (SCJ) organized the Symposium "Promotion of grassroot activities towards realization of sustainable society: an IYGU initiative". For more information click here. English version of the program found here.
Other Japanese lectures...
The IYGU in Portugal. A Balance Sheet of RAC Activities
11th International Innovation Day

are there any results??
Taiwan Tell Your Story Forum

Prof. Wen-Cheng, Prof Shew-Jiuan B. SU, and Su-Min Shen and two experienced students who participated the storymap competition last year, gave talk to NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University) and NTU (National Taiwan University) students. Time was spend talking  to 20 to 30 students about the IYG,U its missions and purposes. Some of students promptly raised concepts for the Storymap, such as to compare recycling between Taipei and Macao. 
Two initiatives are right now on the way, the first entitled "Gr-RAC goes to school ..." and relates to increasing awareness of students in a less privileged neighbourhood of Athens on a number of issues such as water management, recycling and reuse of waste. 

The second one is a Conference under the theme "Sustainable Urban Development - The Big Challenge of the 21st Century". It will take/took place on December 9 and is co-organized by NTUA-Gr-RAC and a municipality of Athens. The conference attracted great interest and will bring/brought together academia, decision makers and municipalities as well as under- and post-graduate students.

Info from Anastasia: I'll translate the leaflets prepared for both initiatives and send them to you until December 8. If there is one more day time, I'll send you the Conference photos also.
IYGU Lecture Series update - enter text
The Geographische Gesellschaft Bern has ... More information can be found here.
More information can be found here.
The Geographisch-Ethnographische Gesellschaft has organised ... The photo shows the presentation "Klima, Migration und Sicherheit - das Beispiel Syrien" ("Climate, migration and security - the case of Syria") by Dr. Christiane Fröhlich (Hamburg, Germany), host Norman Backhaus, on 16 November. More information can be found here.
Ostschweizerische Geographische Gesellschaft
In St. Gallen ... More information can be found here.
-Die Reihe war ausserordentlich gut besucht. Wir hatten immer ca. 40 Zuhörer/innen. Für uns ist das viel. In anderen Jahren waren es nur 20-30.
-Das Programm ist Teil der Öffentlichen Vorlesungen an der HSG. Hier ist der Link zum Gesamtprogramm, wo wir auf S. 52/53 aufgeführt sind:
-Leider gibt es keine Medienberichte und Fotos habe ich auch keine.
Fränkische Geographische Gesellschaft
More information can be found here.
Tell Your Story competition extended to Chinese New Year!
The deadline for the Tell Your Story has been extended to Chinese New Year (February 7th, 2017) so that all students can have a little more time over the holiday period to complete their entries. Find out more here!

To be kept in the loop, you can follow Dawn Wright's Blog, who is on the IYGU Outreach Panel.

The IYGU welcomes new partners!

We warmly welcome Jean-Pierre Lehmann to the IYGU Outreach Panel!

Jean-Pierre Lehmann (D.Phil, Oxon) is Emeritus Professor at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland, where he was appointed to the Chair of International Political Economy in 1997. Prior to that he held positions in several European and Asian institutions. He has worked intensively and extensively across Asia for fifty years. He is Founder of the Evian Group (1995)... find out more here
And a warm welcome to our new Friends of the IYGU member, the Hannah Arendt Institute in Stuttgart!
Das Hannah-Arendt-Institut Stuttgart thematisiert im Rahmen verschiedenster Veranstaltungen, Publikationen und Kooperationen politische Fragestellungen und Probleme, die im Handgemenge der Zivilgesellschaft entstehen. Diese werden in gemeinsamen Diskussionen mit den vielfältigen Akteuren reflektiert. Das Institut als Schnittstelle zwischen Universität, politischer Öffentlichkeit und staatlichen Institutionen finanziert sich ausschließlich über Spenden.

IYGU and the Arts 

Click here to see the update for the IYGU, the Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines, UNESCO-MOST & Mémoire de l’Avenir Call to Action. Help us unite artists and projects around the world in order to demonstrate the involvement and the contribution of the arts in society. 

In the upcoming weeks the website will be up and running, and people will be able to view the platform where all work will be displayed. Keep an eye on for further information

The Collegium

The Collegium, under the direction of Prof. Griffith, an hour length intercultural, international diplomacy and interdisciplinary television magazine program presenting cinema, state of affairs and arts calendar. It provides a forum for persons of various national, cultural, ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds an opportunity to present their perspectives to a diverse and interested audience. The IYGU congratulates The Collegium for being ranked as an exemplary project and honored with an award by the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance's  "Active for Democracy and Tolerance 2016" competition. 


Benno Werlen, Luiz Osterbeek, and Maria Helena Henriques have published a new journal article in  ‘Episodes Journal' titled 2016 International Year of Global Understanding:Building Bridges between Global Thinking and Local Actions 

Geography Education for
Global Understanding

Work is underway on an upcoming publication, Geography Education for Global Understanding, a proposed publication from the Commission on Geographical Education International Geographical Union (CGE-IGU), to be published by Springer. It will focus on how geography, well taught, promotes global understanding, with a preface from Prof. Werlen. They key guiding questions are: (1) How can  geographic knowledge and skills prepare us to understand and take positive action about global issues? and (2) How can the practices of geography empower members of societies and better equip them with essential global understandings?

Forum for the Study of the Global Condition

The Forum for the Study of the Global Condition was officially opened on Dec 1 as a joint undertaking by the universities of Erfurt, Halle, Jena, and Leipzig (all in Germany). More information (press release in German) is available here.
Upcoming events
Leipzig, Germany December 13, 2016: Lecture Series University of Leipzig on Refugees – Migration – Integration. Sophie Hinger, Osnabrück will present "'Asyl? Das ist ja ein ganz aktuelles Thema.' Erfahrungs- und Reisebericht über ein Promotionsprojekt" ("'Asylum? This is a very topical issue.' Report on the experiences and travels of a promotion project")
Vienna, Austria December 13: The End of Year Event for the Austrian Geographical Society (ÖGG). As part of the ÖGG’s End of Year event, the 2016 IYGU will be summarised for all of their members.
Lisbon, Portugal December 14. IYGU in Portugal: The balance sheet of the first years RAC activities with a variety of presentations. 

Bern, Switzerland   December 15: Prof. Werlen will present 'Mutually Assured Diversity in the International Year of Understanding' at semester long forum run by the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)

Leipzig, Germany January 17, 2017: Lecture Series University of Leipzig on Refugees – Migration – Integration Prof. Dr. Felicitias Hillmann, Berlin, will present Der Beitrag der Migration zur Regenerierung von Städten (The contribution of migration to the regeneration of cities) 
Jena, Germany January 23-27, 2017: Symposium from German Nature conservation federation (NABU) in Jena titled “Energie aus Wind, Sonne und Pflanzen” (Energy from wind, sun and plants) will feature a presentation from Prof. Benno Werlen, titled "Wir machen alle Weltpolitik – Jeder Kann Einfluss nehmen" (We make all world politics - everyone can help influence)

Boston, USA April 5-9, 2017: the Association of American Geographers will have their AAG Annual Meeting and two IYGU related sessions are in development. 

Liège, Belgium   August 6-12, 2017: World Humanities Conference with the motto "Challenges and Responsibilities for a Planet in Transition" organised by UNESCO, CIPSH, and LIEGETOGETHER.
If you are planning an event that focuses on Global Understanding, let us know via and we will put it in our next newsletter!
Ongoing Lecture Series
Nuremberg-Erlangen, Germany  October (2016) - January (2017): The Fränkische Geographische Gesellschaft (Franconian Geographical Society)  will be hosting lectures that focus on Global Understanding during the winter semester 2016/17.

Bern, Switzerland   September (2016) - January (2017): The lecture series 'Global Understanding – Wir leben in EINER Welt', will be held by the 'Geographische Gesellschaft Bern. More informations here.

Basel, Switzerland   September (2016) - March (2017): The lecture series Globales Verstehen als Conditio Humana, will be held by the Geographische - Etnologische Gesellschaft Basel. More informations here

St. Gallen, Switzerland   October (2016) - December (2016): The lecture series 'Jahr der Geographie - Brücken bauen zwischen globalem Denken und lokalem Handeln', will be held by the Ostschweizerische Geographische Gesellschaft. More informations here.  

Zürich, Switzerland   October (2016) - January (2017): The lecture series 'Brücken bauen zwischen globalem Denken und lokalem Handeln', will be held by the Geographisch-Ethnographische Gesellschaft Zürich. More informations here.   
Past events
Taiwan November 6: Embracing Taitung - 2016 Geological Carnival supports the promotion of Taiwan's geological knowledge. The event will also play host to an IYGU booth. 

Aschaffenburg, Germany  31 October – 11 November There was IYGU Book Exhibition at the University of Aschaffenburg. Books that are related to the IYGU thematic content were part of an exhibition conducted in order to celebrate the IYGU and disseminate the IYGU’s core themes. 

Den Bosch, The Netherlands 11 November: The Royal Dutch Geography Society (KNAG) held their Teachers Day on the 11th of November. 888 geography teachers and more than 100 others gathered to participate in IYGU and geography education workshop as part of the VIVA program. 

Galway, Ireland  November 14 – 27 : the Science and Technology Festival was held in Galway with the theme Science Rising, and partly attributed International Year of Global Understanding, as they explored how the local affects the global.

Santa Maria, Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil November 16-18: Poder, Cultura, Fronteiras. Congressa International da Historia (Power, Culture, Boundaries. International Congress of History) held discussions about power, culture and borders in their most diverse scopes and levels of manifestations and concerns, the objective is to provide the academic-scientific community and the interested public with a new space of dissemination, problematization, creation , Update, dialogue and meeting. 

Taipei, Taiwan November 21-24: The First IASS KLASICA International Case Studies Symposium. The Taiwan KLASICA symposium was the first in a series of events intended to advance understanding of and stimulate action on collective behavior change (CBC) toward just and equitable sustainable futures. In this symposium, the focus was on cases of island and isolated communities in Asia seeking paths to sustainable futures.

Milan, Italy  November 25: The Italian RAC held a conference entitled "Metakoinè." The conference  addressed the issues of communication and mediation as a fundamental and indispensable tools for Global Understanding. 

Hiroshima, Japan    November 28: International Symposium for IYGU titled “University Education for Global Understanding”. The symposium discussed the increasing concerns in onsite knowledge in university education and its possibility for local and global understanding. The symposium was held at the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus, Hiroshima University, and Prof. Dr. Benno Werlen delivered the keynote speech.

Kyoto, Japan   December 1: Lecture at Kyoto University “Global understanding for global sustainability” GET MORE INFO FROM BW 

Tokyo, Japan   December 3: The Science Council of Japan (SCJ) organized the Symposium "Promotion of grassroot activities towards realization of sustainable society: an IYGU initiative". For more information click here. English version of the program found here.

Bangkok, Thailand   December 6-7: Regional Innovation Forum-Asia (RIF-Asia): RIF-Asia is a creative forum for fostering multi-sectoral partnerships to “solve the unsolved” problems that are hindering disaster risk reduction (DRR) and humanitarian efforts in the Asia region. RIF brought together local practitioners and thought leaders from countries across the region to identify and develop solutions to challenges from the  field and show-case some of the region’s key innovation practices. 
Korydallos, Greece December 9: A Conference “Sustainable Urban Development – The Big Challenge of the 21st Century” The Greek RAC organised this conference to promote good practices for managing problems at the urban level through smart cities. 

Aschaffenburg, Germany  31 October – 11 November IYGU Book Exhibition at the University of Aschaffenburg 

Den Bosch, The Netherlands 11 November: Royal Dutch Geography Society (KNAG) Teachers Day 

Milan, Italy  November 25:  Metakoinè

Hiroshima, Japan    November 28:University Education for Global Understanding

Kyoto, Japan   December 1: Global understanding for global sustainability

Bangkok, Thailand   December 6-7: Regional Innovation Forum-Asia (RIF-Asia)
Korydallos, Greece December 9: Sustainable Urban Development – The Big Challenge of the 21st Century
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