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What to do when your child is “off”

You can see that she’s overwhelmed: she’s moody, complaining, crying, or maybe eating too much or too little. Wouldn’t it be great to have some simple, gentle breathing games that you could rely on to help her manage her stress?

Teach her these four fun techniques (that use animal or flower imagery!) when she’s feeling well, and then use them regularly with her when you know she’s stressed, and she’ll have an empowering way to deal with her emotions.

Not sure what stress looks like in children? Check out this resource that lists some of the signs of childhood stress.

We always start all our Kids Learn and Play programs with breathing exercises that calm and centre the children, and give them a useful coping skill that they can use all their life. We’ve learned that it’s an important way to teach them focus and centring so that they can enjoy the learning process better.

“Nature deficit disorder”? What’s that?

Quick question: Which would your child rather do - go outside and play, or stay inside and play video games? The video games, right? Scientists are starting to worry that our kids are spending too much time indoors, and not enjoying all the social and cognitive benefits of “green” play.

This article explains many of the benefits of encouraging your child to do outdoor activities, including confidence and creativity as well as exercise. And here are some ideas for encouraging your child to enjoy outdoor activities when he’d rather stick to his screens.

We design our summer camp programs to incorporate “green” time, including nature walks around The Coves with a trained expert, Devon Hennessy, from the Upper Thames Conservation Authority.

When recreational sports are too much for your child’s growing body

Did you know that putting your child in a specialized sports program too early might be causing burnout, overuse injuries, an increased dropout rate, or worse? Read this article to learn some better strategies for encouraging activity and healthy sports participation in your child.

At Kids Learn and Play we care about little bodies, and have structured all our programs to build skills that children need to play specialized sports without overtaxing their bodies or minds.


Tips for active children 

Are you concerned about childhood obesity? Giving you child healthy active habits can help. This article has some simple tips like being active as a family, and teaching children some of the games that you played yourself as a child.

Kids Learn and Play has incorporated physical fitness and nutrition activities into our summer camps, with a trained staff person from the Canadian Diabetes Association, Chelsey Passmore, scheduled to do some activities with the children.


Find more useful tips like these

We use our Facebook page to share great tips like these for raising happy, healthy children. We’re also launching this newsletter to help give you the best tools possible as a parent or caregiver. Thank you so much for your support of Kids Learn and Play. We believe that physical activity is one of the core needs of children, and active children stay active for life.

If you’d like to keep receiving e-newsletters like these, please opt-in to our new monthly message, which will have useful resources for parents and caregivers, as well as information about registering for our programs. If you’re interested in learning about our August camps, please feel free to reply to this email or call Adriana at 226-926-3261.

We’re excited about: Our OneYouth rebranding as a social enterprise!

Do you have a youth (aged 13-19) in your life? We are thrilled to be rebranding our youth leadership program as a social enterprise! Youth will be able to volunteer with our Kids Learn and Play programs, developing leadership skills and earning volunteer hours for their high school diploma requirement.

We’ve been partnering with Pillar Nonprofit Network and TechAlliance, and will have a new website and youth volunteer sign-up very soon. We can’t wait to show you!


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