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Before I started my indie career, I wrote 44 books as Melody Snow Monroe (all menage). Because I wanted to have more say so over my stories, I went indie and have never looked back. I love writing and will be changing my venue come October when my husband and I will be moving to Costa Rica to live on the beach!  

Not only do I write paranormal, I also have a contemporary series called MONTANA PROMISES. This is a 5 book series (2 of which are menage, 3 are MF).

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The book that launched my career was...

TRAINING THEIR MATE. This was my first paranormal world that I built around werewolves and their evil counterparts, the Coulters. The stories in this series are menages, where the man are super Alpha males. They love to tie up their woman and do right by them in bed.


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Liz Wharton has one goal—to kill the man who attached her mother. Had she known Harvey Couch was a werewolf, she never would have tried to take him on by herself. Determined to put an end to the pest bent on revenge, Harvey sends his goons after her. When two wolves attack her, Liz is sure she’s hallucinating. Good thing Trax Field is there to stop them...

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The book that made me cry...

THE BEAR'S FORBIDDEN WOLF. I'm a nice person and I don't like to inflict pain on my heroes or heroines, but I had to kill off someone very dear to both the hero and heroine. I agonized over the decision because I really loved him. Yes, I know these characters are fictional, but they are real to me.


~ NEW ~

Part Wendayan, part wolf shifter, Ainsley Chancellor has spent her life fighting who she is. Even though she carries the tainted blood of her Changeling Clan, she refuses to embrace their evil ways. But when she comes face-to-face with the sexy and totally off-limits, Jackson Murdoch, she feels her inner wolf yearn to be with his bear--a desire like she's never felt before. 

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The hero I want to find in my bed is...

I'd say Sam Crenshaw from LOVING THEIR VIXEN MATE. He's the strong, silent type, who is the consummate warrior and protector. Loved him.


Mackenzie Wagner is deeply worried - her cousin hasn't returned from a job interview in Florida and isn't answering her phone. Fearing something has happened to Cheryl, Mackenzie is determined to find answers. Werewolf cousins Brandon and Sam Crenshaw are hot on the trail of locating Cheryl Johnson, Mac’s cousin, and the last thing they need, or expect, is a woman interfering with their job. 

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My most fun book to write was...

BEAR 'N DIRTY. It was a Kindle Worlds book and it was my first foray into writing characters who had magical talents. I never in a million years would have thought I'd enjoy adding that element to shifters, but it was so much fun. It was what prompted me to write my series, Weres and Witches of Silver Lake


Jett Anderson would take banishment from her bear clan any day of the week over an arranged marriage, so she crossed the Canadian border into the US without a backwards glance. Her luck runs out in Deals Gap, North Carolina, when her car breaks down. Unable to find cell reception, the only place to ask for help is a biker bar called the Dark Moon Roadhouse. Turns out that it's full of shifters—none of whom are bears—and their reception has her running scared...


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Oncology nurse Amber Delacroix is the number one suspect in a mercy-killing case -- her brother's. A crime she did not commit. Finding comfort in the arms of the paramedic who treated her brother, Amber's budding relationship with the compassionate Stone Benson heats up. Just as they begin to explore new ground, Stone reveals shocking news: sharing his women with his roommate is his preferred lifestyle. The only problem? His friend just so happens to be cop who's accusing her of murder.

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Cheyenne Snow has been given an ultimatum by father the Alpha -- find a shifter husband before he retires, or she’ll be forced to marry the unsavory Chuck Lord. Since the odds of his meeting the deadline are slim, Chey decides to find a short-term human diversion. When Dr. Storm Durant comes to town to take over the practice of a retiring physician, he is immediately drawn to the incredibly smart and sassy Cheyenne. Chey knows what she wants, and Storm can give her what she needs, but will it be forever or just a spring fling?

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Books 1 - 3 of the Pack Wars series. Includes Training Their Mate, Claiming Their Mate and Rescuing Their Virgin Mate.

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