Have you met Bethany Shaw?

Hi, my name’s Bethany Shaw and I’ve been writing stories since second grade. It took me a long time to gain the confidence to finish a story and get it published. But once I did I didn’t look back.

The past three years I’ve been pursuing my dream to become a full time author. I love writing paranormal romance and recently have started dipping my toes into science fiction romance. I have a soft spot for science fiction because my favorite movie as a kid was The Empire Strikes Back. I’ll probably really start diving into it later this year, but I’ll still have my paranormal and shifter romances too -- because we all need hot shifters and vamps in our lives. 

When I’m not writing, I’m with my family. I’ve been married to my husband for twelve years and we have two children, a son and a daughter. We also have two cats and two dogs -- I’m an animal lover at heart. I’m excited the weather has started to change, so we can get back outside again. We love to bike ride on trails and work in the yard. Well maybe the kids don’t like yard work, but they do enjoy playing outside. 


The book that launched my career was...

Out of the Shadows. It's a paranormal shifter romance. Devon is a werewolf who has been denied the right to be alpha by his stepfather. The same man who murdered his father and now plans to sell his little sister off to another pack. Lark is a human who knows werewolves exist but has only had interactions with a friendly pack. When Devon comes to his Uncle's ranch seeking assistance, he brings a war with him and Lark is thrust right in the middle of it.

Devon will do anything to protect his little sister from becoming a breeder, even if it means starting a war. After fleeing home in the middle of the night, Devon and his siblings seek refuge with his uncle. There he meets the fiery human, Lark. She is a temptation, one he can’t afford. As battle lines are drawn, Devon’s alpha instincts take over, and he must fight to keep the ones he loves safe, especially the woman who has stolen his heart.

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The book that made me cry was...

Blackout. It's a science fiction, dystopian novel. It made me cry because Lara goes through so much loss, just in the first few chapters of the book, which leaves her numb and wanting to push everyone away. In a twist of fate, she is severely injured in a gun fight and her memories are wiped away, and the pain with it, when she is turned into a cyborg.


Everyone Lara loves, dies. All she wants is to be numb, and she's about to get her wish... Cyborg 112115 has one mission: kill Commander Mac St. Clair. But she can't pull the trigger. There is something about him that's too familiar, and he seems to know her. With no memories of her own, she must decide whether to trust her instinct or the chip implanted in her head. 

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The hero I want to find in my bed is...

Zak Smith -- not only is he a very old vampire who knows what he is doing, but he's also very attentive in bed too. He is a very complex character but when he falls for you, he's all in and is very compassionate, caring, and puts those he loves before himself.


Vampire Zak Smith has one mission: kill the enemy. The only problem is that everything about her draws him in, questioning his duty. With his vampire clan at war with Cadence Hopewell's witch coven, he's torn between his family and his desire.

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Audrey can’t help the fact that she turns into a blubbering fool when she’s around cute guys. She just prays her mouth has a filter, one that doesn’t embarrass her... Thomas Monroe is drawn to Audrey the moment he lays eyes on her. He’s thrilled when he asks her out and she accepts. There’s just one problem. He’s got a secret -- a big, furry leopard one. 

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