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"So what has a college dinner to do with education?"
It was a chance remark from a parent who didn't come to the College dinner last week (and incidentally didn't come to the inaugural mass). 
I thought it was worth addressing as to the thinking behind this opinion.

Clearly the parent is thinking that education is something that happens out there - away from where I live. As long as he (my son) doesn't get into trouble.

Unfortunately her son will definitely leave school before year 13, his job chances are greatly reduced and he will probably get into trouble with the law when he leaves school. 

He will become a statistic of educational failure. 

Last week we had a fantastic whole school dinner with probably 500+ people present. It was simplicity (a Marist Value) at its best.

Everyone brought a pot for their family.
Everyone shared the food of everyone else.

The event was organised by the head boy, his family and prefect leadership team and their families. Simple, uncomplicated and not expensive. And it was enjoyable by everyone...young and old.

There are several reasons why it is important to a school like St Paul's College and with its linkages to learning.

1. Young men in 2016 need community like we all need oxygen. With family breakdown and failure, young men cannot survive unless they are surrounded by feeling of being together. Learning thrives in such a community.

2. Many parents in 2016 have a feeling they are alone in the world. Having a school dinner gives them hope so that they can encourage their sons to do better, to work harder and to stay focused.

3. Teachers enjoy meeting parents in an informal setting and knowing the families behind the boys they teach. They can teach better.

4. The college thrives with parents who are willing to serve on various committees. Parents are given more license to be involved with their son's school and education.

5. Young men need to be proud of their school. They need to learn how to host their families, to organize an event and to carry through to completion all the tasks of a dinner. Set up to clean up.

So thank you to the 500+ who came to the dinner. A great night of celebrating our school community.

And to the parent with the original comment....
Well, in my opinion, education and a college dinner are actually very closely linked to a total educational environment. 

Reminder: Parent Teacher meeting on Tuesday 22/03/16 for ALL parents, bookings can be made online or through the college office.

Another great fortnight.

In His Peace


Parent, student, teacher conference night is on Tuesday the 22nd of March. The expectation is that all parents with students will attend these interviews. On the night you will collect your son's report from room 13 before making your way to your interviews. This is an opportunity for you as a parent to find out if your son is:

- completing work set in class
- demonstrating an attitude that is conducive towards learning
- meeting assessment deadlines and is on track to achieving these assessments 
- able to learn and work independently in order to achieve

It is not too late! To book an interview time with each your child's teachers visit and enter the code yntav. We look forward to seeing you all there on the night.

Year 12 is critical if your son is considering applying for a University Scholarship.
Although Year 13 is the year in which your son completes his University Entrance requirements, Year 12 is the year in which Universities use achievement data to award scholarships. This is done using a rank score calculation. Students are allocated a rank score based on their best 80 credits over a maximum of 5 subjects. A student can gain a maximum rank score of 320 with most Universities only considering students that achieve a rank score of 250 or over (280 for the University of Auckland) for scholarships.

The table below indicates the weighting used to calculate rank score.

Raechelle Taulu
Deputy Head (Curriculum)


The Pastoral team are focused on ensure your son is learning when he is at school. All can be reached via the school number 376-1287.

A reminder that all students in Year 11-13 will be in blazers from the start of term 2. Vests and Jackets are not part of the accepted uniform as advised. Also an early note that students in year 7-10 will be required to be in PE uniforms for PE classes from the start of term 2. More detail on that in the next newsletter.

A key message to assembly regularly is that people from outside the College do not see individuals when they see students from the College - they see “St Paul’s” as a collective. It is really important therefore that every student’s behaviour in public is as expected. It has been very pleasing to have received several positive messages where St Paul’s students have demonstrated courtesy to members of the public.
Could all parents of the gentleman who catch the South Bus please talk regularly about the trip and advise the deans if there are any issues.

020 Bus from Britomart is causing major issues for students. If your son arrives to catch the 8am 020 bus there is a high likelihood he will be late to school. This bus regularly is full and travel is being declined. Similarly those who are picking this bus up from K-Road are being declined entry. Students either need to arrive earlier or walk up to school from the station. Repeated lateness will result in discipline action being taken by Mr Toua and the Deans.

Related to the 020 bus there are regularly 20-25 students who arrive late each day. There are very few indicators which better signal whether someone is fully engaged in their learning. If your son is arriving late each day it is a MAJOR INDICATOR OF UNDERACHIEVEMENT. You can log on to the kamar portal and view your son’s attendance at any time. Please contact the office if you are not sure how to log in to this.

Playing sport and being involved in activities outside the classroom makes a significant difference to your experience at school. While club loyalties are important, it is expected that all students’ first choice is to play in a college team. We want our college to be well represented in all the codes we enter. 

With John de Castro (2015 Leaver) and Fred Tupou (Prefect 2016) being the first St Paul’s students to gain the prestigious GOLD AWARD last year it is pleasing to announce the following students have been accepted in to the Bronze Programme this year : Morgan Angi, Maikeli Latu, Israel Namlau’ulu Sio, Christian Tuipulotu.

Laurence Caltaux
Deputy Head (Pastoral)


This is an exciting time for music at St. Paul’s College. This year we have 2 choirs; the year 7 & 8 class choir and the ongoing P.O.E.T (Paulo One Eight Three) choir. P.O.E.T are training for The Big Sing in June, and plans are underway again to be part the Stand Up Stand Out competitions later in the year. The year 7 and 8’s have embraced being a choir and are sounding amazing and their first gig has been planned for late May in New Lynn - watch this space!

There has been an overwhelming response to the itinerant music lessons, with a substantial waiting list! This year has seen a massive interest in learning musical instruments, including brass. The next step is the formation of a Jazz Band, which we hope to have ready to perform an item for senior prize giving at the end of the year. For students who are interested in learning instruments, KBB Music/Rock Shop have competitive instrument sales and hire options available. Any questions about your son learning an instrument, please make contact with music department staff. 

Our brand new NCEA level 1 music class were accepted into a songwriting mentoring programme through the New Zealand Music Commission. Matt Salapu has been teaching our budding young songwriters about the professional music scene, composition techniques, technology and the world of professional recording. We were very fortunate to secure this, as it is limited to a small number of schools nationwide.

Glen Stanbridge
Director of Music


St Paul's swimming sports was held recently at Pt Erin pools, great participation and efforts from the students with Aquinas the overall winning house for 2016 swimming sports.

The 1st XI (see right) have continued their impressive season with another victory over St Peters. This is their 5th win from 6 games! Well done to captain Jacob Smith and his team.

The 1st XV played against Sacred Heart in the annual Marist pre season tournament. With a lot of new players and limited preparation, St Paul's played well and narrowly lost 12-5. Given the short lead up to the game and inexperience of many of the team, this is a very encouraging results. Expect big things from this team in 2016.

The Senior Touch Team has ended their season on a high, qualifying for the Auckland champs to be held at Moire Park in Massey, Year 12 student Kobe Flavell has had an outstanding season and continues to demonstrate leadership as captain of the team.

Undefeated team, Senior Tag play in their Auckland champs Thursday 24th March at Auckland domain. 

Rugby union/league trials have begun at lunchtimes, with well over 100 talented students registered to trial, the coaches will have a tough time selecting teams.

St Paul's College is proud to announce some new additions to our coaching staff for 2016. Some familiar faces in Junior Fiu - who last year was coaching Vodafone Warriors U20's, Fifita Hala who currently coaches representative teams for Akarana Falcons, Old boy Etu Havili who many staff and students are familiar with. Old boy Siu Puletiuatoa will boost our Rugby Union program with his experience and knowledge. 

St Paul's is very excited to have such a high calibre of coaches on board, all are old boys or have family members at the school. It's great to see St Paul's families giving back to the School.

Our year 7/8's are about to begin their 2016 sporting campaign with Rugby 7's, Rugby League & Kilitkiti dates currently being confirmed. We are blessed with great depth and a wide talent pool in Year 7/8.

Dave McDermott
Director of Sports


Project Based Learning is about exploring new ideas and developing existing knowledge and skills to to meet the needs of our students. 

This term’s curriculum includes family flag, making, drama, financial literacy, art and discovering early New Zealand. 


As year 13 students, we are nearing the end of our St Paul’s journey and thinking about the following questions: 

- What does change mean for us? 
- What are our values?
- What are our dreams for the future?

Our retreat was a great day full of prayer and song with fun activities that engaged us spiritually. There were opportunities for us to have open discussion and sharing with our brothers. 

In all, it was an emotional and memorable day - a significant part of our year 13 experience.

Thanks to Mrs. D’Souza and the Logos team for organising our retreat. 

Soane Tai 

"Don't allow any sadness to dwell in your soul, for sadness prevents the Holy Spirit from acting freely."  St Padre Pio
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